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How to select the POS system under New Retail 2020/07/28

What is the difference between traditional Cash Register system and Smart POS system?

By cooperating with a third-party payment platform such as WeChat payment and Alipay, a smart pos can help registered merchants to dock their mobile wallets at the time of collection and complete the payment process. Young people have learned how to consume without a wallet. Simply use a mobile phone to “sweep” on aQR payment pos, the QR code payment becomes a more convenient and more attractive payment method.

Of course, the emergence of smart POS is not just a change in the way of collecting money, but behind it is a change in the way merchants operate. In the past, merchants always had headaches with a variety of problems, such as: How can consumers quickly and intuitively understand their products? How can we attract more customer groups to consume smart cash registers? What should I do if there is no change at the time of collection? How can I save time and effort by doing daily accounts? I don't know how technology keeps up with the Internet tide... Nowadays, perhaps the easiest and most economical solution for merchants is to buy a smart cash register.

The traditional cash registers we usually see are generally closed, cannot be effectively associated with other devices, and do not have many means of communicating with peripherals. They are a specialized terminal for independent cash register systems. The cloud based pos system is open and can be easily connected with the cash register system, the ERP management system and the member system to realize the information linkage between different systems, helping the merchant to better establish data communication, reduce the business cost and reduce the manual error. Enhance internal control services, etc.

Traditional cash registers are limited by factors such as low hardware configuration, different software and hardware development platforms of various manufacturers, and low communication speed. Generally, they are limited to payment industry applications, and it is difficult to load other industry applications. The intelligent cash register hardware configuration is high, Android operating system + HTML5 development mode, with the imagination space to load more business, can meet the various business needs of many industry users, can provide users with a comprehensive solution.

About DataMega

DATAMEGA create up an experience and vitality team for design, research and development, marketing, sales and after-sales service of android POS terminal. The core engineers and marketers are working on this industry of smart POS for more than 10 years and we can provide quality product and service for partners.

To be leading of POS china manufacturer, DATAMEGA Insight into the market demand, understanding the customer pain points, in the pursuit of product innovation at the same time, DATAMEGA is committed to providing customers with the high-quality POS device.

منتجات جديدة

  • Mobile POS terminal
    محطة نقاط البيع المحمولة smart-mini PLUS

    سيتم استخدام PSAM android POS الجديد لمزيد من صناعات الدفع بواسطة الهاتف المحمول , إدارة مبيعات التجزئة , طباعة التذاكر , إدارة التعبئة وما إلى ذلك .

  • Fiscal cash regsiter
    الإلكترونية المالي الجهاز Fis-نانو

    المالية الروبوت أجهزة نقاط البيع Fis-نانو يمكن أن تستخدم في مختلف البلدان المالية لمساعدة السلطة المحلية لتسجيل المبيعات والضرائب.

  • Android POS terminal
    البيومترية آلة نقاط البيع الذكي-مكعب

    الذكية-مكعب البيومترية نقاط البيع الطرفية تحمل مع الروبوت 7.0 نظام التشغيل, 5.5 بوصة تعمل باللمس,  قارئ بصمات الأصابع, 2D الماسح الضوئي , 4G/3G/واي فاي شبكة 2inch الطابعة.  ؛

  • All-in-one POS machine
    التجزئة نظام نقاط البيع الذكية

    يركز نظام pos smart-tal على تبسيط تشغيل الصرافين ولتحقيق مبيعات سريعة في كل من الإنترنت وغير متصل. , إلخ , لتزويد المستخدمين بنظام POS متكامل .

  • point of sale hardware
    الروبوت آلة نقاط البيع الذكي-واحد

    DATAMEGA أبحاث السوق بحاجة إلى استبدال لوحة المفاتيح تسجيل النقدية ، تصاميم أول شعبية الكل في واحد نقاط البيع مع الروبوت على أساس نظام ذكي واحد لتتناسب مع العملاء الشرط.  ؛

  • Smart Handheld POS terminal
    آلة نقاط البيع المحمولة Smart-MINI

    SMART-MINI تم إطلاقه ليكون محمول نقاط البيع مع نظام أندرويد عالي الأمان 8.1 نظام تشغيل ومخصص متعدد الوظائف ملائم مع السوق الطلب.

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